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Business Analysis Career – Choices, choices!

It is great to be a business analyst with a business analysis career! We have so much variety and choice when it comes to the industry or subject matter we choose to work in. As a true Business Analyst we can really work within any industry, any project based on any subject matter at any given time of our careers. There is hardly any reason why a Business Analyst cannot do this.  We can all be GREAT Business Analysts! Try our FREE Business Analysis Profile Quiz to see what your Business Analysis Career Profile is.

You & your passion for Business Analysis

business analysis careerYou are reading this site because you are passionate about your Business Analysis Career and this means you are not afraid to challenge yourself! My advice, make the most of your Business Analysis Career and ‘chop and change’ industry every now and again. Ask me, it enhances your business analysis skills and is so much more interesting than becoming a subject matter expert in one area. Setup your BA career goals and start actioning them!

  • Your own dedicated CBAP ® tutor for support.
  • Earn 40 PD hours.
  • Fully IIBA® Endorsed Training.
  • Online Training Courses to build your practical Business Analysis skills.
  • Requirements Manual & BABOK® included.
  • Unlimited email support throughout!
  • Study when and from where ever you want to in the world.

When you get ready to go for that next business analyst job interviewtry these interview questions before you go!
Are you interested to change your career to become a Business Analyst?

Are you paid enough?

I see it like this – a Business Analysis Career is a very well paid job considering the low level of stress we generally have day to day. I am not talking on behalf of ‘stress heads’ or business analysts who choose to work on super stressful projects with unrealistic expectations. I have worked on multiple different industry, size, local and global projects and I have NEVER had to deal with prolonged times of high stress. I am good at what I do, I am well regarded and always in demand, so it is not because I am a slacker or anything. The point here is: We generally get paid well for what we have to deliver.Another reason why this is a great profession!

So how well is well?

In Australia where I am currently based, I work as a Business Analysis Career contractor and know the current rates for a mid-senior business analyst ranges between a gross daily pay of AUD$650 – AUD$850. As a permanent employee working for a bank, I can expect to be paid between AUD$85K to AUD$135K per annum also depending on experience.
When I was working in London, UK the permanent employee Business Analysis roles were anything between GBP25K – GBP40K per annum. The gross contractor rates were approximately GBP250 to GBP400 per day depending once again on industry and experience.
The above salary ranges for Australia (Sydney & Melbourne) and the UK (London) are based on a pure Business Analyst role. You walk into the role with some subject matter experience but not a lot and you walk in with good pure Business Analysis experience.
As I have said before – these are my opinions and my experience.
Why don’t you set some career salary goals today?
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