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Business Analyst Attributes

Business Analyst Attributes to ensure greatness..

We all have that greatness within us and our challenge and mission must be to also live out our greatness in our role as a Business Analyst. Let’s have a look at the Business Analyst Attributes of a GREAT Business Analyst…

So what makes a Business Analyst GREAT?

Sense of curiosity

There are few Business Analyst Attributes that comes close to the importance of having a real sense of curiosity about people, problems and ultimately requirements. A Business Analyst that have a strong sense of curiosity about the requirements that is presented, is the Business Analyst that will end up with a great set of quality requirements.

Asks lots of questions

This attribute sits really up there with sense of curiosity. A Business Analyst that is also willing to ask the questions that others may not want to ask, is the Business Analyst that has real substance. Asking a stakeholder the “why” question, is key to being a great Business Analyst and one of the most powerful business analyst attributes.

Put themselves in their stakeholder’s shoes

A great Business Analyst will always look requirements from all the key stakeholder’s perspectives. They consider how a requirement will impact different stakeholder groups and shape the requirement to ‘fit’ to suit these perspectives.

Strong relationships

None of us live in a bubble and as Business Analysts we certainly don’t live in a bubble, we must be building great rapport and have strong stakeholder relationships. A great Business Analyst will have these strong relationships because they will be working on them every day and simply see it as a habit every Business Analyst must have.
business analyst attributes

Focus on their outcomes

Very few Business Analysts have a clear focus on where it is they are heading with theircareers. The Business Analysts who have a clear picture are those who have also have a plan with defined outcomes and goals. These are the Business Analyst who will also be achieving their project deliverables and outcomes with success.

Knowledge, skills and tools

It should be mentioned that a GREAT Business Analyst will also have a good understanding of their role, understand the core foundation concepts of Business Analysis and have a solid set of tools and techniques in their back pocket. This attribute is essential for greatness! You don’t however need to have ALL the knowledge, all thetools and all the qualifications to be a great Business Analyst!

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