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Business Analyst Resume

Is Your Business Analyst Resume Holding You Back?

You get only one opportunity to impress someone with your business analyst resume, so try your best to make that count. Remember that when your potential future employer or recruiter sees your resume or CV, they only see the piece of paper. They don’t meet you at the same time (most of the time they don’t!) and therefore they must ‘judge’ whether it is worth meeting you based on that document.
business analyst resume
You would realise that first impressions are crucial in any situation but even more so with your business analyst resume. You are probably one in a couple of hundred people applying for a particular BA job and this makes first impressions even more important. Pay attention to these tips!

You only need to set up your resume once from scratch, so do it properly! It pays in the long run over and over again. Follow these handy tips and look at the sample Business Analyst resume to make this even easier. One last reason why you should pay attention to building an awesome resume is that you will most probably half the number of Business Analysis jobs you need to apply for in the first place!

Tips for a GREAT BA Resume..

  • The first half of your first page is crucial. Make sure you capture the message of professionally ‘who you are’ on the first half. If you like a sample resume, fill out the form below and this will help a lot with ideas on how to do this. It’s completely FREE.
  • Don’t make spelling or grammar mistakes. It is an obvious thing to many but I have reviewed my fair share of resumes with some careless mistakes. This doesnít reflect well on the reviewer’s opinion of what your work output might look like!
  • Terminology is very important. Use the terms used by the job advertisement. If this means you need to tweak your resume a little to suit this, then do it. It is important and makes it easier for the recruiter.
  • Make it easy for the recruiter to pick your resume! Again, use the same terms and provide all the information in summary on your first page. Many recruiters never get to the 2nd page, so make that first page count!
  • You must have a good cover letter. It is easy, effective and can save you a lot of time!
  • While you create your resume remember to put yourself in the recruiter’s shoes. Will you actually hire this person? Will the first page of this resume attack you enough to read further? Ask these questions and you will be amazed at how much it helps you increase the quality of your resume.
  • Also keep in mind that if you don’t mention a particular project, skill or technique you have used before, then the recruiter will not know this. It sounds simple, but again we assume things sometimes without being explicit enough! You know you well, but they don’t know you at all!

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