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Business Analysis Career Test

Career Test – What is your current Business Analysis Profile?

Career TestReceive a FREE 8-page Report which tells you what your Business Analysis Career Profile is, how you are progressing through the BAE Profile Matrix with your career and how best to advance your career to the next level.

  • The career test determines whether you are an entry level Generalist Business Analyst, an Experienced or Senior Business Analyst, a Specialist Business Analyst, a Subject Matter Expert or a Domain Leader.
  • BAE gives you clear direction on what career path to follow to progress in your role as a Business Analyst.
  • Every Business Analysis Profile has its own experience level: Entry Level, Mid Level or Senior Level.
  • Every Business Analysis Profile has it’s own unique Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Challenges. When you complete this FREE 5 minute Career Test you receive a fully customised Business Analysis Profile Report (8 pages of valuable career information) which outlines your individual profile details.
  • Get clarity of what your career focus should be and which certification path is right for you.
  • We also recommend the most appropriate Business Analysis training and Certification (CCBA ® or CBAP ® ) for you to pursue to reach your professional goals.

This FREE career test only takes 5 minutes and is not designed to trick you! It is great quick online career test tool to help you decide which Training Program would be most beneficial for your level of Business Analysis experience.


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