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The CPRE certification is another good foundation level certification to obtain if you don’t have access to an ISEB provider or would like to look an alternative well recognised BA certification is to look at the IREB certification levels. The IREB Certification Model consists of three subsequent levels. Prerequisite for certification of a certain level is having obtained the certificate of the previous level. This certification is offered in English or German.

Have a look at the different certification levels below!

CPRE Foundation Level Certification

Once you have a CPRE Foundation Level certification you will:

  • Be familiar with the terminology of requirements engineering/business analysis and requirements management.
  • Understands the basic techniques and methods of requirements engineering and their application.
  • Be familiar with the most established notations for requirements.

Entry Requirements: No specific entry requirements to sit the exams for foundation based certifications. Although it is recommended to do an online, self help or classroom based course, this is not mandatory.

CPRE Advanced & Expert Level Certification

Entry Requirements: You must have the CPRE Foundation Level certification to be able to move to the Advanced Level. If you want to obtain the CPRE Expert Level you will need to first obtain the CPRE Advanced Level.

For more information about the syllabus covered in the foundation level exams visit the IREB website. You will also find a comprehensive list of all training providers in all relevant countries listed on that site.

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