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IIBA Greater Quebec Area

IIBA Greater Quebec Area (Région de Québec)

Greeting to all,

I would like to speak about our IIBA Chapter and let you discover our business analysis community.

It all started in March 2010 when we gathered fifteen signatures of members of the IIBA to demonstrate at the headquarters of the IIBA in Toronto the interest of the people of the Greater Quebec City Area for a local Chapter. We then became the Chapter of the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) based in Quebec City, Province of Quebec, Canada. So, in September 2010 we started with our first conference and our first success.

iiba greater quebec area

Our Chapter Purpose

The purpose of our Chapter is to promote the practice of business analysis, raise the profile of the business analyst role, and locally represent the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA).

Our mission is to promote standards and practices of business analysis, recruiting people interested in business analysis, to contribute to the professional development of our members, to create a lively community of practice, to offer unique meshing opportunities and networking and collaborating in the development of the profession within the business community of the Greater Quebec City Area.

Formally, our main goals are to:

  • Gather the interests of the business analysis community in the greater Quebec City Area;
  • Provide meshing opportunities, networking and knowledge sharing;
  • Promote the development of skills of those who practice business analysis;
  • Promote the use of best practices in business analysis;
  • Raise awareness among industry partners and associations to the realities of business analysis.

Our uniqueness is the use of the French language in our activities, here, in North America. Most of the community members speak some English, but French is our primary language to communicate, here, in Quebec City Area. Even if we study and pass the certification exams (CBAP or CCBA) in English, we all use French when we are doing business analysis at our work places.

Being part of our Chapter is about participating in the promotion of the business analysis in our community, organizing and taking part on regular conferences and special events like our Colloque 2015.
We are very proud to offer quality conferences and gather each time about one hundred of our community members to participate. Our conferences are extremely appreciated, as for our satisfaction, especially because of our audience which is formed mainly of professionals with more than 10 years of experience; the expectations are great from our Chapter activities.

Our biggest special event so far – Colloque 2015 – was a one-day event (8 am to 4 pm). It gathered 8 conferences, with 4 conferences in a double track event. It was the first time we did something like this and our participants really appreciated it. The quality of our conferences, the reputation of the speakers, our reputation and our coordination of the event all contributed to a great success. We are very proud of it.

The GRAAL Award (Grande Reconnaissance en Analyse d’Affaires et Leadership in French) was in 2015 at the third edition. The intention of this award is to recognize and reward leaders in business analysis in the province of Quebec, especially the team who best illustrated through a project in business analysis. Since 2015, with the collaboration of IIBA Montreal, the award became available for any organization of the Quebec province; before, it was available for the Greater Quebec City Area organizations only. This award is usually granted during our biggest yearly event such as the Colloque 2015.

BABOK Study Group

We are also providing a yearly BABOK Study Group program. We already made 3 groups on BABOK 2.0 and we are preparing our first BABOK 3.0 Study Group starting in fall 2015. All our facilitators are CBAP certified. We are very proud to mention that most of the participants to this Study Group applied and succeeded the CBAP certification of IIBA. Some participants wanted to improve their abilities in business analysis, which is also a gain in the process of adoption of the best practices inside our community.

Being one of the Francophone communities in the IIBA, we are in contact with the Francophone community in Montréal, Paris and Genève to plan the translation of BABOK 3.0 and certification exams in French.
We are also involved in other activities organized by Open Group, Communauté Agile de Québec and Réseau Action TI by providing conference speakers for IIBA Region de Quebec Chapter.

We also have Training Partnerships with organizations in the province of Quebec which provide training in business analysis and related topics such as business process management. They offer discounts to our members and we offer them visibility on our web site. Similarly, we have Service Partnerships with Université Laval which provides us rooms on the campus for our events throughout the year.

We are supported by several organizations performing activities in the Greater Quebec City Area which have interests in business analysis. They are sponsoring regular activities and special events, and in return they are getting visibility inside the community by showing their support in promoting the best practices in business analysis. There are three types of sponsorships: Gold, Silver and Bronze. According to each type of sponsorship acquired, the organizations get benefits, such as a set of free participations of regular conferences or special events and visibility into these events.

Find Us Socially

We are currently on social media such as LinkedIn (Group and Enterprise), Facebook and Twitter. We also have, as all IIBA Chapters, a web site ( where our community is looking for new events and news each month.Our Team

Our Board of directors, mentioned on our website, is composed of professionals from many different areas: University, Government of Quebec, Finance and Assurances, consulting services, freelance. We are now extending with non-voting members, which will act on special tasks during the year helping the Directors on their day-to-day tasks.

iiba greater quebec area
We are a team a passionate advocate in business analysis. We are happy to share our experiences with the local community as well as other communities in the IIBA. Many of us (including me) worked in different international markets. We are open-minded and welcome all good ideas for improving our skills.

We are all pleased to share with you about us.

If you visit Canada, don’t miss Québec City!

If you need any further information, feel free to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Maria-Liana Slivilescu, eng, MBA, CBAP
Vice-President, Communications
IIBA Region de Quebec

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