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Do you know the power of your mindset?

Most of us will say – yes I can imagine your mindset is powerful but we will not truly understand or consciously realise just HOW powerful it is. My suggestion to you is to stop for a second, think about this, it is something which can change your life easily…

Tell you more?

Your mindset is the angle you choose to see the world from. In a nutshell. You will either be a person who see the world from a reactive state or a pro-active state. In essence this means that you will either blame the world for what it is doing to you or you will choose to learn from what ever happened and take the best from it. Yes, it is a bit of glass half empty or glass half full stuff.

Below the line living…

To live below the line with your mindset means that you tend to focus on the past and past events. You will often blame something that happened in the past for the way you feel towards the future. This means you will react to anything that happens to you today in a way that blames the past. It also means that you do not take responsibility for your actions or feelings about things that happens. You are blaming the outside world for the way you experience life and your job. Lastly, you don’t take control of anything, you let the environment control you and your feelings. An example of this could be that: One of your colleague business analysts believes that the reason they are unhappy in their jobis because the people they work with are unfriendly and their deadlines are unachievable.

Above the line living…

To live above the line with your mindset is to be proactive and live in the present moment. You do not blame anything from the past for how you experience your life today. You are responsible for your own actions and feelings and are in control of how you are feeling. In general, people who live above the line are much more light hearted and they deal with harder things that happen much easier. They manage to see things for what they are and pro-actively live their life from that perspective. When you live above the line you do not allow the environment or outside world predict to you how you are going to react to a situation. An example of the could be that: This same colleague business analyst as above realises that the reason that they can’t meet their deadlines is because they did not plan the requirements activity properly in their requirements management plan. Instead of becoming unhappy and experiencing everyone as unfriendly, this person will address the issue with a discussion with their project manager. This person takes full control and responsibility for the situation and do not react and blame other things. Instead of being ‘unhappy’ for days, the situation is rectified and the business analyst can move on.

We are not perfect!!

No one person can live above the line all the time, but you can live above the line most of the time. The beautiful thing of living above the line most of the time is that you will soon find it more and more difficult to live (or allow yourself) to go below the line. Take this page seriously and think about it – your daily job as business analyst can be even more fulfilling if you start living above the line much for often.

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