Agile Business Analysis Technique Kano Analysis

Kano Analysis

Agile Business Analysis Technique Kano Analysis

Kano Analysis is used to understand which product characteristics or qualities will prove to be a significant differentiator in the marketplace and help to drive customer satisfaction.

Kano Analysis is a process used to identify features which are viewed by customers as threshold, performance, excitement, or indifferent. This helps determine which features are most important to implement before releasing a solution to market.

  • Threshold or basic features must be present for customers to be satisfied. These are features they expect.
  • Performance features customers view as the more the better.
  • Excitement are features a customer doesn’t know they want until they see it.
  • Indifferent are features the customer doesn’t want.




Kano Analysis rates product characteristics on two axes measuring the dysfunctional and functional customer satisfaction for a feature.

This analysis can help identify features that will give the solution a unique position in the marketplace based on business value to achieve.

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