Are your business solutions any good?

business solutions

If it is true that we predominantly use our left brains as adults (what scientists describe as the analytical, logical side of the brain) – does that mean we are not even giving a full 50% of our capability when we solve problems? Based on this, how could our solutions be any good?

We go from being a child at home playing with toys, making up stories and having imaginary friends that conquer the world with you, to a classroom where they start applying more rules. Yes we still have toys, coloured pens and pictures at this stage of our development but that gets taken away slowly as the years pass by.. Eventually we end up in an office with computers, lots of paper and formal suits. Oh, and some serious faces, lots of coffee and meetings to discuss abstract issues (again, no more colour, no more fun pictures and certainly no more creative games.) What happened?

I accept that our brains matured since childhood but during this process it appears that we also moved from predominantly right brain thinking to dedicated left brain thinking. Especially in our roles as business professionals in the corporate world. You would have heard for example, the role of analysts being described as a role that requires logic, structure and an analytical ability. (This screams left brain to me!)

What am I saying to you? I am saying that after a very long career as an analyst I discovered that I really miss my childhood. I really miss being able to freely engage my intuition, creativity and feelings when I work to solve problems. I am in fact bored with trying to solve problems in a linear, sequential and highly predictive way (I am sure you are too, it is also quite exhausting!) – the solutions that stem from that type of thinking is simply substandard in my view. 

What I really discovered is that during those young years, we used our right brain and our left brain together. We came up with exciting adventures and we built fun into our lives. We were able to solve problems with our imagination, inspiration and creativity. Let’s do more of that again but this time – let us use our right and left brain together and solve problems using a 100% of our capability.