BABOK ® Version 3 | Get Certified Before The Exams Are Updated

BABOK ® Version 3 Release Will Be Released in April 2015

A lot of people have been waiting for the BABOK ® Version 3 to be released and it release date is almost here! The good news though is that you have more time to get the CBAP ® or CCBA ® certification while the BABOK ® Version 2 is still being used for the exam.
Why? The Business Analysis Certification exams won’t be updated to BABOK ® Version 3 until at least another 6 to 9 months after the currently release date, April 2015. So this means you can still write the exam until approximately October 2015 – December 2015 using the BABOK ® Version 2.

The recommendation is that you sit the exam and obtain your CCBA ® and CBAP ® certification as soon as possible because it is likely the BABOK ® Version 3 exam will be more difficult! You can join our Online Advanced Training Program today to get started!
So what will be BABOK ® Version 3 then be like? From what we have been able to find out the BABOK Version 3 will add more content to the BABOK ® and this means more study material for you to cover in preparation for the exam. It sounds as if the BABOK ® Version 3 will contain a stronger focus on the before the project starts and after the project closes related Business Analysis activities to put emphasis on the fact that Business Analysis is much more than just Project Requirements Elicitation type work. This in itself is very good for the Business Analysis Profession and will add a lot of value to our work.

3 Important reasons why you should get your certification BEFORE BABOK ® Version 3 is released:

  1. The BABOK ® Version 3 will have much more content than the BABOK ® Version 2 and this means you will need to spend more time preparing for the exam.
  2. New exams are often more difficult than their previous versions and in this case it makes some sense that the CBAP ® exam will most likely become harder to obtain. (This is speculation though, but exactly other certification bodies often operate).
  3. Once you have your CCBA ® or CBAP ® designation (regardless of which BABOK ® version the exam was based on) you will not be required to re-sit the exam when you re-certify in three years from now!

In summary the current dates that have been socialized are as follows:

BABOK Version 3 to be released in April 2015.
Certification Exams (both for CCBA ® and CBAP ®) will be updated by October 2015 – December 2015, approximately 6 to 9 months after the Release of the BABOK ® Version 3 and will then be based on the BABOK Version 3.
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