Business Analysis Job Interview – Take Control Of Your Next Interview

Take Control of Your Next Business Analysis Job Interview

Choose Your Next Business Analysis Job with care…

Have you ever considered that you are in the Business Analysis Job interview because the people who are interviewing you want you to solve their resource problems? You must look at yourself as the ultimate solution to the resource problem of the company who invited you for the interview. This means that they must impress you with what they have to offer just as much as you need to impress them with the perfect business analysis skills and experience to meet their needs.

There are two common misconceptions and wrong attitudes that prevent you from thinking of yourself as the solution when faced with a Business Analysis interview. Let’s look at these so that you can address them and get yourself into the “I am the solution they need” mindset.

MISCONCEPTION #1: There are not a lot of Business Analysis Jobs

When people are looking for a Business Analysis Job, especially if they don’t have a job, they tend to have a mindset of scarcity. They tell themselves that there are only very few Business Analysis jobs or that the jobs that exist are not looking for their specific skillset or experience. So what they tend to do is that they create mental barriers of Business Analysis job scarcity even before they start the process of looking for a Business Analysis job.

What people should be doing is to say to themselves: “There are many jobs in the Business Analysis job market and I only want one of those jobs. There are many Business Analysis jobs available that I am perfect for.”

By changing your mindset to abundance thinking about jobs, will create an environment where many jobs suddenly become visible to you. If you start to expect to find many business analysis jobs, then you will start seeing many jobs that are available however if you expect to see few Business Analysis jobs, then you will see only a few.

MISCONCEPTION #2: I must take the first Business Analysis Job I get

The misconception of taking the first Business Analysis job that you are offered because you are afraid it will be the only one is another limiting mindset, which relates back to a general belief of scarcity. You need to decide what your criteria is for a Business Analysis job and what you would find fulfilling and ideal for you and then look for a Business Analysis job that meets most (if not all) of your criteria. Don’t just take the first job that comes your way because you fear it will be the last offer you receive, remember, there are many great Business Analysis jobs available for you.

In Conclusion

When you have the correct mindset of abundance and you have a clear vision of what you need to be fulfilled in a Business Analysis role then you will be surprised at how quickly and easily the perfect Business Analysis job becomes yours. Although we all have to be well prepared, focused and articulate during the interview itself, these steps are merely the mechanics to support a healthy mindset of abundance and success.

From now on, you don’t need “luck” during the Business Analysis interview; you simply need to remember that you are the perfect solution to your interviewer’s personality, skillset and experience requirements.