Business Analyst Change Agent | Learn How To Embrace Project Change

Business Analyst Change Agent: Embracing Project Change is like Wildebeest roaming the plains…

Wildebeest that travel thousands of miles every year to get to water during the dry season will walk in a windy pattern a lot of the time. In fact, when they move around across the plains, they will continuously assess the environment they are in right now before choosing where to go next. For example they consider the direction of the wind to ensure they are upstream from any predators, they also consider the condition of the grazing around them, the time of day and their proximity to shelter. The ultimate goal of getting to the water with the herd still being alive and well is a finely managed operation and tweaked all the time.

A Lesson To Be Learned

Within the corporate environment we may not have to fight for our own personal survival but there is a lesson to be learned from the Wildebeest. We need to be open to the fact that sometimes what appears to us as obstacles and deviations that forces us down a windy (inefficient, slowing down or unproductive) path is really the environment showing us the better options or actions to move forward towards our goal considering the environment that exists on that day. By keeping up with the environmental conditions on a daily basis and re-assessing our path to achieve our goals, we must adjust our actions for the day.

The astute Business Analyst will have their ears to the ground and be open to changes that may be flowing into their project environment. Understanding the fundamental importance of change is a secret way to perceive and be alert to opportunities to see the map of the real pathway to success. To kick against the change just because it is ‘a change’ is a recipe to be eaten alive by lions!

You Are The Business Analyst Change Agent …

As Business Analysts we are continuously being faced with change on the project. We have to manage the change, control the change and interpret and apply the change. A lot of people get frustrated with the continuous change but they shouldn’t. It is simply the environmental factors of the day, which is proposing to make a change. Now naturally every change that comes our way may not be a valid change but simply the result of one small part of the environment, which is speaking up on that particular day. It still needs proper consideration, validation and if accepted implementation.

In Conclusion

We all know that change is the one thing in life that is always guaranteed but hopefully looking at nature to see why this is the case, will help us to embrace and not resist change. Change is an opportunity to have a better outcome today.

Share your opinions and experiences with managing change on your project.