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Career Change | How to become a Business Analyst?

The great news is, it is completely do-able to career change! Most corporate careers can be transferred into becoming a Business Analysis career. This is true because Business Analysts can work within any subject matter area using their pure Business Analysis skills.

How to become a Business Analyst?

Get the foundation business analysis concepts understood.

  • You should start reading up on Business Analysis (yes, this site is a good place to start!) and get yourself familiar with the overall role and purpose of the business analyst.
  • If you are able to sign up for a classroom based, digital or online course in one of the foundation type BA course, then that is a great next step. It is sometimes better to get some exposure to business analysis in the workplace before going forcourse, but it is not that important.
  • Attend Business Analysis networking events, mingle with the right people!
  • Go to local and international Business Analysis seminars and conferences.

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Get some practical experience by performing business analysis tasks.

There are various avenues for you to follow to get yourself into a situation where you can get some practical business analysis experience.

  • Some people use their existing career subject matter expertise to go onto projects as a subject matter expert who will work closely with a business analyst. This is a great way to get into it hands-on because you are effectively ‘job shadowing’ someone.
  • There are job opportunities out there for Business Analysts who have a strong knowledge in a specific subject area. Once you have done some courses and research you could try apply for a junior BA role where your subject matter expertise is in high demand. Make sure you write your cover letter to suit Business Analysis.
  • Start telling people around you that this is what you would like to do with your career, the word will spread and an opportunity might come up.
  • If you are lucky enough to be on a project already, start volunteering to partake inbusiness requirements gathering and documentation activities. This is a great way to get your hands dirty and gaining credible practical experience.
  • Go talk to a career coach that specialises in Business Analysis to put together a transition plan for your career change. This is a sure way to accelerate your transition to Business Analysis.

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