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Are you preparing for ECBA™, CCBA® or CBAP® and would like some help and support from people on the same journey?

This free online BABOK v3 study group program is intended to support you with your exam preparations if you plan to sit the CCBA® or CBAP® exams sometime soon. If you are planning the ECBA® exam, you are also welcome to join but please note that some of the lessons might be slightly advanced for you at this stage of your career.

Disclaimer: Although we provide you with a lot of supporting lessons, quizzes and other materials, we cannot guarantee that you will pass your exam if you attend this online study group. We can only guarantee that you will learn about the content of the BABOK® v3 Guide.


This is a unique free training opportunity designed for busy ambitious professionals who want to maximise their earning potential by getting ready to take the ECBA™, CCBA® or CBAP® or simply to learn about the BABOK® Guide, whilst managing a fast-paced work & home life.

Our unique FREE BABOK®v3 Study Group community on Facebook

“Be part of the community that makes all the difference by ensuring you stay on track with your studies and you get all the morale as well as technical knowledge support you need. Our Facebook community is exclusive and full of great Business Analysis minds from all around the world.”

“Esta has been a great mentor for me as a first time Business Analyst on my first freelancer job! Her coaching method is superb and her advice was truly valuable! I was confident throughout my first task as a Business Analyst. I totally appreciate her remarks on Non-Functional Requirements (NFR) which I was finding so tricky. As well as the helpful templates that assist in gathering requirements from clients, and a cheat-sheet of which tool to use in a particular scenario. All in all, I am so glad to have found BAE. Thank you!

Bernadette Michel Fakhry

Bernadette Michel Fakhry

What makes our FREE BABOK® v3 Study Group different?

Ongoing Learning

We offer busy professionals the ability to learn in an easy, ongoing, industry aligned way covering a broad range of BABOK® v3 guide topics to remain informed and up to date with what is happening in the industry.

Industry aligned knowledge

Every video we prepared is to help you get closer to your  professional ECBA®, CCBA® or CBAP® Certification.

We walk the talk

Where others teach unproven theory or rely on outdated experience – we’re successful business analysts ourselves, we’re in the trenches with our fingers firmly on the pulse.

Unparalleled support

Providing outstanding support as a core value, the BABOK® v3 Study Group community and our own support team is here to answer all your questions.

Our full commitment

We eat, sleep and breathe analysis, trends and education. The BABOK® v3 Study Group is a primary focus for us and we love helping our community achieve successes. It’s all we do, and we’re not going anywhere!



Yes, this is absolutely free. This is our way of supporting our BA community members during the difficult times we are all experiencing with the pandemic around the world. 

We will tell you occasionally about some of our IIBA® Endorsed training courses which will be offered to you at a special discount. But as mentioned before, you will benefit even if you only attend and participate in the FREE part of this study group.



  • > Recorded step by step lessons. Due to time zones and other factors, we can only commit to recorded webinars and/or lessons. The benefit of this is you can follow every week in a step-by-step way at a time that suits you!
  • > Access to the BAE Learning Materials including: weekly video lessons online quizzes, PDF downloads and much more.
  • > Exclusive BABOK® v3 Facebook Group membership for questions and answers and additional resources.


  • > This study group is NOT endorsed by the IIBA®. You don’t earn PD hours by attending the FREE part of this study group. 
  • > If you decide to sign up to a paid IIBA® course with us, you will earn the respective PD hours as per the course you signed up for. We have huge discounts planned for people interested in gaining PD hours and more in-depth study materials.
  • > BABOK® v3 Guide – We don’t provide you with a BABOK® v3 Guide. These guides are available for purchase from our website:
  • > IIBA® exam fees: We don’t facilitate or include any IIBA® exam fees as part of any course offering. You need to apply and pay the IIBA® directly when you are ready to sit the exam.


This online study group can currently be joined at any time (this may change without notice). It is designed in a way which allows you to join and catch up with the weekly lessons at your own pace whilst enjoying LIVE interactions with others, trainers and industry experts via our private FB Group. The duration of the program runs for a period of 6 weeks but we keep all materials available for the foreseeable future. 

  • > You can register on this page to be part of this study group.
  • > You will be able to watch any of video lessons at a time that suits you regardless of where you are based in the world.
  • > You will receive a weekly emails to remind you to go to  your dashboard to watch training videos do some reading, review case studies, download study tools and do online mock tests. 


Complete the online registration form and expect an email to confirm your registration! (Check your SPAM folder). All details about the program will be sent to you and you will learn how to access your study tools and all other details.

Esta Lessing & Tim Mackinnon -People behind Future Analyst 5.0

Meet the founder behind the FREE BABOK® v3 Study Group

“Our vision is to help you build a successful career in analysis and find fulfilment through work.”

Hi, I am Esta Lessing – nice to meet you! Me and my team of expert Business Analysts have now spent years guiding the careers of hundreds of Analysts around the world.

Since 2012 and with a combined 30+ years in the business analysis industry, we’ve been the driving force behind a multitude of successful business analysis career changes and successful CBAP® and CCBA® certification preparations through our company, Business Analysis Excellence Pty Ltd. We’ve helped people become business analysts from all walks of life and guided even more towards successful professional certification and better career opportunities.

Based on all we’ve learned in the last 7 years of training and coaching people towards business analysis career success we decided there is an even more efficient, more valuable and collaborative way to serve our business analysis community. This is why we’ve created the BABOK® v3 Study Group community. We are meeting the growing need for a close knit community amongst analysts around the globe whilst providing industry endorsed online training and mentorship in an ongoing and holistic way.

“…she takes ownership of one’s career such that having her as a Mentor takes education to a higher level than learning. I highly recommend Esta to anyone who is looking for advancement in the career of Business Analysis…”

Blessings Chakupa

Blessings Chakupa

Inside the BABOK® v3 Study Group

Six Weekly BABOK® v3 Lessons

Our weekly analysis lessons are exclusive to this community.

Every week you receive a short Analysis lesson to complete. At the end of each the lesson you will receive student notes to download and a knowledge quiz to complete.

Follow the short weekly lessons and progress to enjoy the benefits of a successful & future focussed career!

Live support & engagement

You have access to the exclusive private BABOK v3 Facebook Group where many of our community members are either sharing your certification journey or is simply there to help and support you through the process, challenges and questions you might have. It is a great, friendly and very supportive community.

Exclusive community content

We frequently deliver fresh content which is only available to our community members and we share conversations and discussions every week in our private Facebook group.


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