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The Modern Analyst Online Community

What is the Modern Analyst?

Modern Analyst is a leading online community of analysts across the globe including business analysts, business process engineers, systems analysts, requirements engineers, analysis managers, user experience professionals, product managers, enterprise architects, project managers. It is also a knowledge resource rich center that contains ample information to assist people in their careers. It binds the community in a strong relationship by enabling them to interact through messages, forums and through social media. Moreover, it is attractive online spot for advertisers also to influence the highly targeted audience the Modern Analyst attracts. In other words, Modern Analyst is a one stop online solution for all professionals related to the analysis industry.

Modern Analyst Home Page

Who should use Modern Analyst?

Practitioners and Recruiters

Are you a business analyst, systems analyst, data analyst or business process analyst? Do you want to keep yourself updated with the latest courses, tools and techniques? If yes, the Modern Analyst is certain a good place to visit. Modern analyst has a great selection of online Business Analysis career resources for you. Through the Modern Analyst blog, it provides you with insightful articles and cover topics that will help you in carrying out your role as a professional skillfully. The Modern Analyst also understands that you want to change jobs every now and then, seeking better opportunities and hence provides great resources to help you move to your next career role. It is for example, kept updated with a set of frequently asked interview questions and with suggested answers. In addition, it also allows companies, registered on Modern Analyst, to post their Business Analysis related jobs on the Modern Analyst job board.

How to add a job on the Job Board

  1. Log in to Modern Analyst.
  2. Go to Jobs in the menu.
  3. On the right side, click ‘+ Click here to add a job listing’.
  4. ‘Add New Job’ form will open.
  5. Enter all the details and Save.

Add Job Modern Analyst

How to Apply for a Job

  1. Go to ‘Jobs’ in the menu.
  2. You will see a list of jobs displayed.
  3. Click ‘Read More’ on the desired job.
  4. On the right side, you will see the ‘Apply Now’ option.
  5. Click ‘Apply Now’ and proceed with the application submission.

Have a look at the provided example screen shown here.

Apply Job Modern Analyst

If you are interested in assessing your business analysis skills the Modern Analyst has a self-assessment test option that can help you test your Business Analysis knowledge.

  • Go to Resources -> Self-Assessment Test

Training Providers

If you are a trainer and you want to approach the most relevant audience, Modern Analyst is the right platform for you. You can offer your training course to hundreds of professionals by uploading details on the Modern Analyst website. Please note that only a registered member can add a training course.

Event Organizers

You can also promote your event and share the details with the analyst community through Modern Analyst. Adding your event to the listing is quite easy.

How to add an Event

  • Go to Menu bar -> Community -> Events.
  • Click ‘Add events’ in the right side.
  • Enter the details and Save.

Modern Analyst

Why visit the Modern Analyst?

Being a part of the Analyst Community

Modern Analyst believes in building an analyst community all over the globe. You can easily create your own Business Analysis profile and see profiles of other Business Analysts in the industry. You may gain maximum exposure by initiating some discussion and participate in the forums. This is an opportunity to interact with like-minded people and learn about diverse ideas and interesting Business Analysis topics. In case you want to contact someone you can send the person a message in a quick and easy way using the Messaging available. Using the ‘Message’ option, in the top left of the screen, eases the process of communication with other people in the community.

Rich Career Resources

The mission of Modern Analyst is to provide useful information to business analysts, which can help them achieve success in their careers. This is achieved with delivering rich Business Analysis career resources to their users. The bookstore, templates and aides, blog and articles, business analysis interview questions and answers, business analysis interview tips, resume writing tips – all these resources are there to support Business Analysts in their profession.

Networking with other Professionals

Modern Analyst provides a networking platform by catering to the needs of all – systems analyst, business analyst, data analyst, and business process analyst and requirements engineer. Moreover, the Modern Analyst also provides analysts an opportunity to interact with the training providers and adept practitioners.
Keeping the inevitable role of social media in mind, Modern Analyst also maintains a Facebook group to facilitate its social media users. This is a friendly community of Modern Analysts around the globe. They can post items to the wall, upload photos and initiate discussions. It also contains information about the events hosted by or sponsored by Modern Analyst.

LinkedIn serves as another important networking tool for the members of Modern Analyst. It allows the members to know more about each other. This professional Business Analysis group connects you to other professional analysts to share ideas, questions and discussions about Business Analysis. It can also provide an opportunity for you to showcase your professional Business Analysis skills to your peers.

For Business Analysis Managers or Recruiters, this group provides the ability to post job offers through job boards in the Modern Analyst LinkedIn Group. This is another way for Business Analysts and Recruiters to stay connected with the community.

Targeted Audience for Advertisers

Modern Analyst is definitely a wise choice for advertisers who need to reach targeted audience. Modern Analyst is a hub of analyst professionals – business analysts, business process engineers, systems analysts, requirements engineers, analysis managers, user experience professionals, product managers, enterprise architects, project managers. Hence, the likelihood of reaching the maximum audience is significant.

How to Gain Maximum Benefit from the Modern Analyst?

Now that you have learned more about what the Modern Analyst is all about, you might be interested to join the Modern Analyst. The registration process is quite straightforward! All you need is to simply register yourself with Modern Analyst and sign up for an account. Now, you are entitled to all privileges including the premier content, participation in forums, posting a job and submission of quality articles to article repository.

How to Register Yourself

  1. Go to
  2. Click Register button in the top right.
  3. The registration is open for public.
  4. ‘Join the BA Community’ form opens up.
  5. Fill in the details and submit.
  6. The registration process does not require any approval or activation.
  7. Hence, you can log in with the credentials immediately.

How to Contact the Modern Analyst?

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