Why Business Analysis? | Top 7 Reasons Why it is the Best Job In the World!

The Top 7 Reasons Why Business Analysis is the Best Job in the World!

There are many amazing articles about what Business Analysis is and how to become a Business Analyst but have anyone made a list of reasons why Business Analysis is the best job in the world? Please add your own reasons to this list and share it with the rest of the Business Analysis Community here..

Reason #1: Money Comes Easy

No, it is not the best paid job in the world but it is certainly a very well paid job as far as corporate jobs go that doesn’t require a lot of responsibility and stress but still provides all the great other benefits listed in the reasons why Business Analysis is so great below!

Reason #2: Anything You Want To Work On

You can work on anything you want to as far as subject matter goes when you are a true and well-qualified business analyst!  You can work on Banking Systems Project or work in a Charity Organization helping people with the initiatives you work on!

Reason #3: Chop and Change to Your Heart’s Content

Another great reason why Business Analysis is a great job is because of the market being buoyant in terms of the demand for Business Analysts you don’t have to stick to the same company for very long if you don’t want to. It is reasonably easy to change between jobs and do another Business Analysis role every few months if variety and independence is what you like!

Reason #4: Variety and Challenges All Around

This reason why business analysis is so amazing, is simple – there is constant change and variety on every project you embark on. You hardly ever do the same thing every day. The best about this reason about why business analysis is so great is that it provides constant challenge to your brain matter… not something a lot of professions can claim.

Reason #5: People Interaction Is Rife

Most people love the fact that they can interact with new people on a regular basis. If you are one of those people then this is an important reason why business analysis is the career for you. As a Business Analyst you are constantly communicating with people from all over the business to determine their business requirements among other things.

Reason #6: Pictures and Words

This is a favorite one for why Business Analysis is the greatest job in the world! You cannot only use words to describe your message but it is part of your core Business Analysis job to also use pictures! Most people (60% of all people) are more visually inclined than any other of their senses and therefore love using pictures in their jobs.

Reason #7:  Low Stress Is Highly Achievable

The role of the Business Analyst is in the big scheme of things a very low stress type role. This is why Business Analysis is often chosen as a job by many people, it gives them the opportunity to work on projects without the stress that can sometimes be associated with managing the project in it’s entirety.