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Business Analyst Courses

Where to start when selecting Business Analyst Courses?

Lots of people have asked me, which Business Analyst courses are good business analyst courses to get them started with business analysis?

This seems to be a common question among new business analysts or experienced business analysts who haven’t done a lot of formal training before. It is a very good question because it is not obvious. There are many Business Analyst courses out in the market but only few courses covers the overall foundation concepts of business analysis. If you are looking for a good solid foundations course in business analysis, I would suggest you look at the course content before signing up.

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Foundation Business Analyst Courses

The course content of a good Business Analysis foundation course should include the following types of topics:

  • Problem Analysis – the Soft Systems Methodology is a foundation methodology for being able to recognize a business need or problem, it guides you to break it into ‘root cause’ statements and builds a structured problem to take to your next stage of your analysis.
  • Stakeholder Analysis – The course content must also cover stakeholder analysis techniques. Ideally it will cover how to identify and manage your stakeholders.
  • Business essentials such as learning how to formulate a mission statement, goals and key performance indicators. This is key to any business analyst to understand because this sets context for any future analysis work you will do. Other business tools you will learn about includes SWOT Analysis.
  • Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) – This often forms the backbone of a foundation business analysis course and is the framework for explaining not only the SDLC itself but how business analysis fits into this life cycle.

Business Analyst CoursesSo you may notice that a good foundation course in Business Analysis doesn’t necessarily include much about requirements or modeling techniques yet! It may well include some of that (such as data modeling or basic process diagrams) but it should not be the focus of a good foundation Business Analysis course. It is great start to develop your Business Analysis Skills.


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Business Analyst Courses Australia

Something that everyone considering studying a CBAP course should be aware of is that there can be considerable variation in the quality and value of the courses offered by different providers.

It’s vital to make sure your course is properly accredited (endorsed by the IIBA as a minimum requirement), taught by experts (it’s amazing how many are not), and offered at a realistic price.

Some courses just aren’t worth what you pay for them, and some aren’t really worth anything at all.

Part of being a good Business Analyst involves performing due diligence, which includes checking and confirming the credentials of training providers.

We Offer Genuine Value In Our Business Analyst (BA) Courses

That short free lesson above about due diligence is a good example of the quality you can expect from Business Analysis Excellence.

We aren’t afraid to tell you the absolute truth, and we believe it’s important to make sure prospective students could face if they’re not highly selective about the courses they invest their time and money in.

After all, you will want to see a return on that investment, and it won’t feel good at all if you later realize you wasted your time, your effort, and your money.

Studying with us is the easy way to avoid problems like that. We are an IIBA Endorsed Education Provider, and our courses are designed and delivered by industry experts. Our priority is to ensure you have the opportunity to earn a genuine professional certification with real value at an affordable price.

Why This Is The Best Business Analyst Course Online

Few training providers are willing to do as much as we are to provide the support you need for achieving success in your goal.

We give much longer access to our resource library than is typical for these kinds of courses, and we also provide you the opportunity to interact with tutors live via Skype, phone, or email.

You get the same personal attention you could expect from classroom based learning, but without all the hassles of having to show up in a precise location at a precise time.

Our unique and innovative approach to teaching the course content is another factor that has earned us high praise from our former students. The methods we use are helpful in creating an atmosphere where you feel fully engaged and stimulated by the lessons and exercises.

Business Analyst Courses Designed For Busy People

You have a life outside of your studies, and with that in mind, we created a flexible course structure that allows you to progress at your own pace without having to sacrifice time that should be dedicated to other tasks.

To sum up all the advantages you’ll have when you choose to study with Business Analysis Excellence:

  • The cost of our training is affordable for individual students. We’re not targetting the corporate customer specifically, but corporations will certainly be pleased with the savings that they get by choosing us as their BA training providers.
  • We are an IIBA Endorsed Education Provider, which means your certification will be recognized worldwide.
  • Unlike many other certification courses for business analysts, our courses are taught by expert Business Analysts with years of field experience. That makes a very big difference because they will have a depth of knowledge based on experience, so when you ask a question, you’ll know you are getting an authentic answer.
  • Our courses are flexible, so you can complete them in your own time at your own pace. Only the certification exam itself takes place in a fixed time and location, but since these are conducted multiple times per year in a multitude of international locations, you’ll be able to choose an exam that fits into your schedule.

For more information, simply get in touch. We’ll be very pleased to answer any questions you may have about our online BA courses.

Business Analysis Excellence provides various online training courses for business analysts including Babok Courses, Short BA Courses, Agile BA Courses, CBAP Courses & IT Business Analyst Courses. Also, there are few IIBA ertifications available around the world including CCBA Certification, CBAP Certification, BABOK Certification, ECBA Certification, IIBA Certification & Business Analyst Certification to progress their career as a Business Analyst. To find out more, get in touch and ask us anything. We are happy to answer your questions & to provide more information you need about our courses.

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  • Your own dedicated CBAP ® tutor for support.
  • Earn 24 PD hours.
  • Fully IIBA® Endorsed Training.
  • Unlimited email support throughout!
  • Study when and from where ever you want to in the world.

The Requirements Engineering Course

business analyst coursesOther good Business Analyst courses to start with includes Requirements Engineering courses. These courses will teach you about requirements gathering techniques such asworkshop facilitation, requirement interviews and observation. It will teach you about writing good requirements, managing all your requirements, requirements traceability and managing change to requirements. It is a great type of course to attend after you’ve done the foundation business analysis course.


  • Your own dedicated CBAP ® tutor for support.
  • Earn 16 PD hours.
  • Fully IIBA® Endorsed Training.
  • Unlimited email support throughout!
  • Study when and from where ever you want to in the world.

Modelling Courses – When do they become useful?

Unified Modeling Language (UML)

A good place to start these days for a modelling based Business Analyst courses are at the Unified Modeling Language or more widely known as UML focused courses. It is important that this is not a methodology but a unified language! The great thing about UML is that you can choose what you learn about first. There are some very good business focussed models to start with when you learn UML such as Use Case Diagrams and Activity Diagrams. In all my experience as a Business Analyst those are probably the two most important UML diagrams for a business analysis perspective to learn about when dealing with your non-technical audience. The fantastic thing is that your more technically minded architects and developers all understand UML really well and can translate your diagrams into their technical models seamlessly. Other good UML modeling to understand is the object or Class Model and the Sequence Diagram.

Business Process Modeling Courses

BPMN based Business Analyst courses are good to do if you are planning to work on large business process transformation programs or if you would like to specialize and become a Business Process Analyst. This is the industry standard and an accepted business process methodology to follow. Lots of companies uses this standard and therefore it is great course to put on your resume.

Specialised Courses

Agile Business Analyst Courses, the absolute hot topic!

business analyst coursesYou may be shouting – but what about Agile? Yes, Agile. That is a great specialization to consider when you develop your skills as a Business Analyst. Agile Business Analyst courses are in high demand and lots of people are very interested to develop their skills in this. That is absolutely fantastic and should be pursued. Something to keep in mind though is that at the moment (and this might change in future) there are two camps of projects: Those who are Agile (or aspiring to be) and those who are more traditionally waterfall based. If you like to work at a highly interactive and shorter bursts of activity on a project or program, go with Agile! It essentially uses the SDLC but manages the cycles in a highly controlled but really short and sharply fashion which allows very good response times with business requirement change. People who go onto true Agile projects, will not easily return to other more traditional ones. There are however still a huge market for more traditional project which has lots of other highly rewarding attributes.


  • Your own dedicated CBAP ® tutor for support.
  • Earn 16 PD hours.
  • Fully IIBA® Endorsed Training.
  • Unlimited email support throughout!
  • Study when and from where ever you want to in the world.

Last but by no means least…

Soft skills courses for business analysts

As business analysts we really must remember to include soft skill courses into our development plans. We depend heavily on our relationship building skills to perform our jobs and the better we can get our interpersonal communication skills, the more rewarding our outcome will be. Consider doing a Presentation Skills course, a rapport building course and Conflict Management course as part of your suite of Business Analyst Courses you are planning for your professional development.

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