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Student Testimonials

I just wanted to drop you a short note to let you know that I passed my CCBA certification exam today. Your courses helped enormously in getting me up to the required knowledge level for a certified BA and to have a good comprehension of the BABOK Guide. So, thanks very much for the help provided by you and your team!

A M, Advanced Training Program Student, Australia

The BABOK can be an intimidating document to digest. This course summarised the key areas to focus on extremely well. In particular, the interactive presentations and the quizzes were user-friendly and easy to follow. I was sceptical going in but decided to purchase the course as online/self-paced is my preferred learning style. My expectations were universally exceeded and I will be recommending this course to all BA’s I know.

K Alexander, Advanced Training Program Student, Australia

The case studies let me understand the techniques in detail. I was appreciated by my tutor and she encouraged me to perform better each time when the assignments are submitted. The lessons allowed me to learn the topics as much detail and practical as possible so that I could start applying the knowledge and techniques in my current and future projects. I would definitely recommend this course to my colleagues who want to become CBAP certified.

Veerakumar Ganapathy, Online Business Analysis Practitioner course student, NSW, Australia

I was able to use this course at work to great effect, beginning immediately with lesson 1 and continuing through lesson 12. I was solving problems I didn’t know existed! The course lesson layout and material were great and very practical at work!

Andy Molnar, Online Business Analysis Practitioner Student, Canada

Definitely the best training course I’ve ever attended. The strengths of this training are the variety in demonstrating the theory. Great training to be honest!

Anonymous BA, Classroom – ECBA Business Analysis Practitioner Student, Australia

I will increase the use of the BABOK® at work and adopt more techniques especially around Strategy Analysis. The strengths of the training for me were the group activities, trainers, structure and additional but relevant information around stakeholder management and soft skills.

Ankush Manuja, Classroom ECBA – Business Analysis Practitioner course student, Australia

The content was aligned with the BABOK which made an excellent reference point. The course format was excellent and made learning the material a pleasure. I chose this course and provider for a number of reasons: providers reputation, IIBA endorsed trainer, quality of learning material and easy of delivery. I have now completed the course and my business analysis and process modelling skills have improved. I recommend you start the course of your choosing as soon as you can and learn new skills.

Linton Passmore, Online Business Analysis Practitioner course student, IBA Consulting, QLD, Australia

Thank you so much guys, that far exceeded my expectations and I feel I learned a lot! I am more confident that I can apply useful methods in areas such as requirements elicitation, using tools such as the 4MAT and SWOT that I wouldn’t have used before. I’d also take a more open mind into workshops and my engagement with stakeholders. The strengths of this training is: Presenters, Interactivity and BABOKv3 Game!

Rob Ubilla, Classroom ECBA – Business Analysis Practitioner course student, Australia

As an IT business analyst, I am not involved in business need or case preparation but the course content helped me understand and be aware of techniques like PESTLE, Five Forces Analysis & Rich Picture Diagram, used for the organizational environment analysis. This will be a real value add. Additionally all the lessons being in line with BABOK, helped me understand the core concepts with examples or scenarios. The format was engrossing, reading the presentation, course material and then doing the assignment was fun.The tutor has been very polite and specific in her feedback, giving appropriate reasons for any corrections needed in the assignment.

Somesh Dawani, Online Business Analysis Practitioner student, Singapore

Both the facilitators were excellent!

Julia Chee, Running a Successful Workshop course student, Perpetual, Sydney

I have finished all the assignments. I want to tell you that I have learn so much from this course and I want to start a another course with you as soon as I got my results. How ever i really enjoyed learning from you and thank you soo much for all your help.

Nipun Manatunga, Online Business Analysis Practitioner course, WA, Australia

Esta has a strong background and experience as a Business Analyst. All the training materials provided is useful and clear. Esta and Tim provided a very friendly environment for the training. I really enjoyed it, thank you.

Lucia Molina, Business Analysis Practitioner course student, GE, Melbourne, Australia

Trainers were appreciative of participants and always encouraging them.

Anonymous Student, Running a Successful Workshop, Sydney, Australia

Good balance between theory, practice and discussion between and amongst all participants.

Shirleen Heah, Business Analysis Practitioner course student, Melbourne

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