10 Reasons You Should Consider A Career In Business Analysis

10 Reasons You Should Consider A Career In Business Analysis

Many business professionals are intrigued by a career in business analysis and having been a business analyst for the last 20 years, I can give you 10 good reasons why becoming a business analyst is a wise career choice.

The business analysis profession is currently a fast-growing profession according to the International Institute of Business Analysis. With the accelerating rate of business change, organisations are realising that they need business analysts to help them identify and capitalise on new opportunities and manage business transformation.

So here are the reasons I recommend you consider a career in business analysis:

1. Because you want to make a difference

As a business analyst, you will be responsible for improving the way businesses operate. This could involve anything from streamlining processes to developing new ways of working that increase efficiency and effectiveness. In short, you will be making a real difference to the bottom line – and that’s something that is valuable to any employer.

2. Because you want to be challenged

A business analyst role is never boring. You will be constantly challenged as you try to find new and innovative ways to solve new business problems. This is a role that will keep you on your toes and engaged in your work.

3. Because you want to learn

A career in business analysis is the perfect opportunity to learn about different businesses and how they operate. You will gain an understanding of how different departments work together and how business processes are interrelated. This knowledge will be invaluable in future roles in your career.

4. Because you want to be in demand

The business analyst role is one that is in high demand. Companies are always looking for ways to improve their business processes and they need people with the skills and knowledge to make this happen. As a business analyst, you will be in a great position to take advantage of this demand.

5. Because you want to earn a good salary

Business analysts are well-paid professionals. The average salary for a business analyst in the United States is $85,000 per year. In Australia, this salary for a Business Analyst with a few years of experience under their belt is approximately $100,000 per year (or more depending on your experience and the industry you choose to work in.)

6. Because you want to have job security

With a career in business analysis, you will have the skills and knowledge that are always in demand and can be transferred between industries. So if work demand decreases in one industry you will be able to transfer your business analysis skills into the industries that do have demand at the time.

This makes business analysts one of the most secure professions in the current job market.

7. Because you want to work in a variety of industries

As we eluded to in the previous paragraph, the business analyst role is one that is transferable between industries. This means that as a business analyst, you will have the opportunity to work in a variety of industries and learn about different businesses.

8. Because you want to work with different people

As a business analyst, you will have the opportunity to work with a variety of people within an organization. This includes working with business owners, senior managers, project managers, developers, and testers. You will also get exposure to different business functions such as marketing, sales, finance, and retail and much more.

9. Because you want to work on interesting projects

No two business analyst projects are the same. You could be working on anything from developing a new business process for a company to implementing a new piece of software. This variety will keep you interested and engaged in your work.

10. Because you want a career that offers progression

The business analyst role is one that offers numerous progression opportunities. You could progress to a senior business analyst role, a project manager role, or even a business consultant role. Alternatively, you could move into another area of the business such as marketing or sales. The possibilities are endless.


If you are looking for a challenging and rewarding career the becoming a business analyst will certainly deliver all these benefits.

Let us know if business analysis appeals to you and if you have any questions, we are happy to help. Contact us below.