Where have all the good Business Analysts gone?

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This is a story of a good Business Analyst, a (not so bad) BA Resource Manager and a (I am pretty when I’m angry) Project Manager.


It goes something like this:

“I need a Business Analyst for my team.” – Project Manager

“When do you need them by?” – Business Analysis Resource Manager

“Yesterday!” – Project Manager

“Oh, okay…but it will be at least 6 weeks to get someone.” – Business Analysis Resource Manager

“No! I need someone now. Who else can I use in the team?” – Project Manager

“No one – they are all already overallocated on projects.” – Business Analysis Resource Manager

“I’ll have to escalate this!” – Project Manager

“Sure, but it will still take 6 weeks at least…” – Business Analysis Resource Manager

“Let’s try and move some BAs around, what about Jenny? Or John?” – Project Manager

 …. and so it goes.

Does that sound familiar?

Perhaps you are the Project Manager always screaming for resources or the poor Business Analysis Resource Manager always under pressure to find more good Business Analysts. Or even worse, you are the good but overworked business analyst that seems to be moved between projects on a weekly or monthly basis.

We all know that eventually that good business analyst that is moved between projects to try and keep the lights on, eventually gives up and moves on to another company…it is a bit of a vicious & repeating cycle.

The Solution

We all know this problem exist and no one seem to be able to find a solution that really works…until perhaps now?

Whilst we can’t expand the workforce quickly or reduce the workload, we can potentially work smarter.

– Remote and flexible working

Due to the pandemic (as unpleasant as it was) there is a silver lining. The world is now used to working remotely and much more flexibly. In the past only some teams had the privilege of working from home and working flexible hours but these days it is almost a “must” for organisations to offer that to keep and attract good talent.

– Output rather than time

As part of the new work culture of remote working and more flexible work hours, we have learned to trust each other more to deliver the agreed output rather than checking that someone is sitting at his/her desk for 8 hours a day. So, our focus is now a lot more on output than clock time.

So, if you put these two things together you can suddenly see that in theory you can work with people from anywhere in the world and you can base that work on outputs rather than time spent in an office.

– Challenges that remain

In the perfect world the world is now your talent oyster…but I agree, some challenges remain:

  • You still need to find those good individuals and whilst you might be willing to look beyond your city borders, it still takes some time and effort to find a good quality candidate.
  • Recruitment in the traditional sense will remain time consuming unless you can partner with a small pool on highly experienced Business Analysts that you use when you need them and leave them when you don’t.

That is exactly what Business Analysis Excellence offers you.

Our Offer

You can have access to our small, handpicked global team of Business Analysts who work when you need them. You will get to know your Business Analysis Consultant and they will be your go-to resource when you need them.

So when that Project Manager screams for a Business Analyst to be added to his project yesterday, you simply use our team to fill that gap until you find that ideal candidate in your beyond city borders talent pool…

You see, now the world of talent really is your oyster.

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